Concierge and Tour Service
in historic Plymouth

One Small Candle offer a unique personal tour guide service here in historic Plymouth. Your personal Pilgrim concierge can build a day long package of things to do, places that are a must visit and the very nicest of places to eat and drink for any budget.

Why a concierge service? Well David, the founder of One Small Candle, was once a concierge at several classy hotels in downtown San Francisco and in the East San Francisco Bay Area. David quickly learned that being a professional concierge┬ásuited his jolly personality and easy going manner. David really enjoyed working at Sheraton, Hilton and Marriott franchises. David ┬ámisses the bonhomie and smiling faces… This is his way of getting some of the happy memories back now that he is a “senior citizen”.

Every tour of Plymouth, no matter your budget, will make sure you see and do the best things possible with your guide alongside you all the way!

  • Too often tourists all over the world miss wonderful things that are right nearby… We aim to make sure you get the very best tour experience and miss nothing
  • Any monies are treated as donations and go to costumes for the One Small Candle project. We do charge a negotiable fee and do not pay for food, taxis or such
  • Mayflower Guides walks are on cobbled streets and can be slippery.

Contact us by filling in the form below
OR if you are in the UK please call David on 07538 199694 non UK 01752 773549


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