Thanksgiving Day Walking Tour

Plymouth’s Pilgrim Tour Guides and American Visitors
on Thanksgiving Day

Plymouth Pilgrim’s David and Elizabeth had the pleasure of taking 17 visiting American’s sophia-daisy-pilgrims-playing-plymouthfrom Lidl USA on the Mayflower Heritage Trail. Our lovely guests were in Plymouth on their Thanksgiving Day ….November 24th 2016. Thank you Phillip Stacey of Lidl USA for booking us for next year!

Liz and David greeted the American’s at the Mayflower Steps and told the story of the Mayflower in Plymouth way back in 1620. The walking tour was kept “mercifully short” at just over an hour.

After the walking tour David and Liz took the group to the Barbican Fish and Chicken Bar (thank you Nic) who kept the group well fed and gave them their first taste of deep fried and battered Mars Bars!

A tour of Plymouth Gin was the next stop while us older Pilgrims met up with our junior Pilgrims Sophia, Daisy and Charlie who had been approved to be let out of school early. Thank you to Hyde Park School and Landulph School in Cornwall. We had a video of David filmed talking about the Herald Community Award’s that we have been nominated for. The children all played pat a cake and we just can’t wait to see if we win the Herald Community Award… If we don’t that’s OK we’re sure someone really deserving will win. Good luck everyone!

pilgrims-snow-plymouth-barbicanThen! It was time for lots of photo’s which Heather Sabel of Plymouth Culture organised. We all had great fun with Georgia and the other lovely photographers from Plymouth University. Can’t wait to publish them to our blog!

It was time to send the children off for their early dinner with the lovelies being fed by the Barbican Fish and Chicken Bar they went with Pilgrim Lizzie. Thank you Nic.

It was time for the Thanksgiving – Illuminate parade and we were immediately behind the Lord Mayor and her consort. As usual the Lord Mayor greeted our Pilgrim children heartily and there were lots of selfies.

The parade was colourful…. full of light and sound. Exciting to see hundreds of people enjoying themselves.

Lizzie and David really enjoyed seeing Sophia, Daisy and Charlie being filmed live for BBC Spotlight …thank you to Carl Eve from the Plymouth Herald for the live streaming video too! 

The day was rounded off with a lovely VIP reception at the Treasury Function Room and we thank Ben Shearn & Steve Page  for looking after us so well…. as always.

Our 17 American guests were booked into the Treasury for a superb Thanksgiving Dinner and we Pilgrims wished them a very Happy Thanksgiving as the American national anthem played loud for all to sing.

A big thank you to our junior Pilgrim’s Mum’s Melissa Bennett and Sally Geraghty for their lovely children and allowing them to be involved in One Small Candle and Mayflower 400 in 2020

A lovely day and the Plymouth Mayflower Heritage Trail was successfully launched.

Happy Days

David Saunders
One Small Candle
Call David 07538 199694


Sophia, Charlie and Daisy – BBC Spotlight

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